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Feb 5, 2013 1:35am PST
-for-18 in the last four games. grice, despite the loss, played well with 30 saves. defensive end justin smith will reportedly have surgery this week to repair his left tricep. the 49ers are still one of the favorites to get back to the super bowl next year. >> we stood in the locker room about ten minutes. it was real tough to get down to the four-yard line and not win the game. we've got a lot of free agents, so we'll see what happens after this year. >>> delaney walker is one of five key free agents with the 49ers, still under contract. alex smith's future will also have to be addressed this off- season. >>> the a's have acquired jed lowrie from the astros in a five-player trade. chris carter is among the trio of a's headed to houston. >>> joe vazquez spent the day hanging out with mickey mouse. >> do you want to play the 49ers again? >> i don't know. i might end up with too many kids. >>> and no. 4, for the bay area pacer convention, george hill with a nice lob to paul george for the alley-oop. no. 3, lillard gets a rude awakening at
Feb 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
allen. >>> ray lewis has been the face of the ravens for nearly two decades. baltimore's defense is full of dominant personalities. a new leader has emerged, on the offensive side of the football. >> i just remember slapping him in the chest, you know, like real hard. i was like, look, you're the general now, you know. lead us to a victory. like we're not talking out of here unless you wake up, like right now, and lead us to a victory. >> i don't know which side of joe we want to get ahold of. we want joe cool and all that. but come on, man. in our locker room, we got 53 -- we got about 65, 69 different guys in the locker room. we handsen down got probably the craziest, the nuttiest locker room in the nfl. and he fits right in with that. >> reporter: yeah. joe flacco is the guy that concerns me. eight touchdowns, no interceptions. the offensive line is playing great football and everybody has been talking about colin kaepernick. not too much about joe flacco. so as we go back to san francisco, ken and liz, that guy, watch out for the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)